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Why Become a CPA?

The CPA Exam—notoriously difficult and not exactly cheap—once passed, confers a Certified Public Accountant license upon the taker of said exam. To get those three little letters after your name, you’ll have to do well in school, earn that bachelor’s, likely complete a master’s, put in some time in the field with a real job in accounting, pay to take the exam, jump through numerous hoops just to apply to take the exam, get approved, get a CPA review course, study like hell for probably a year or close to it, sacrifice tons of your free time, actually sit for each of the four CPA exam sections, wait on pins and needles to get your results, and then celebrate the process being finished.

So why should you go through all that to become a Certified Public Accountant? Here’s why:

There’s really no other feeling quite like it. Prestige is hard-earned and not given lightly. The fact that the CPA Exam is so notoriously difficult is one reason why it garners so much respect from those working in the financial industry. Even people who couldn’t tell you the first thing about the amortization of bonds or how to calculate compound interest are generally impressed by someone who is a CPA.

You’re like a superhero of the accounting world. Your level of proficiency and expertise is almost unparalleled and widely recognized. You’re in an elite group of professionals that many look up to and admire for a proven ability to succeed and stand above the rest. Inspired yet?!

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Competitive Advantage

There are plenty of amazing accountants out there in the work force. To stand out these days is harder and harder. Potential employers, as well as current employers, will be impressed by those accountants who’ve successfully become a CPA.

They’re fully aware of the commitment necessary to earn the CPA license. Higher ups will look for this, especially when considering promotions. Many of the leaders of the accounting industry are licensed CPAs. It truly does raise you head and shoulders above other accountants.


The global economy continues to grow and become ever more connected. Globalization offers Certified Public Accountants more opportunity than regular accountants to work all over the world. Highly prized for their ethical integrity and understanding of International Financial Reporting Standards, CPAs are sought out internationally by large and small companies alike. The experience you’ll gain as a CPA abroad is also invaluable should you return to the good ol’ US of A to settle down. It’s an opportunity that can quite literally show you the world.

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Show You the Money

Let’s face it, this could very well be the most important reason of all. CPAs typically make between 5 to 15 percent more than their non-licensed counterparts. When you consider the much higher opportunity for advancement on top of the wage difference, that gap can widen to $50,000. That’s not a measly sum any which way you count it. And that’s just for now; compensation levels are expected to rise by almost 5% in the coming year. The CPA train is a money-making train that, while difficult to get on, is most definitely worth the struggle. What’s a year of your life? A drop in the bucket.

Job Satisfaction

CPAs are often more satisfied in their daily job than accountants without that designation. They perform highly specialized job functions ranging across a variety of fields. CPAs are essential to many businesses in most industries and that value is always evident. This esteem, respect, and genuine appreciation feels good. There’s plenty of research out there that’ll tell you money isn’t the number one factor in being happy at work. Being appreciated and providing crucial work is key to being satisfied in your career. And CPAs have that in spades.

What Are You Waiting For?

We could wax on rhapsodically for days on end on why you should become a CPA. There’s more than enough reasons. But at the end of the day, it’s very important that you find the reason or reasons to motivate you to chase those three important letters. These few reasons we’ve listed here are all well and good and maybe they’ll resonate with you. But whatever reasons you come up with, write them down and look at them every day. Because if you’ve read this far, you likely want to become a CPA and we want to help you achieve that goal.



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