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How to Study for the CPA Amidst the “420” Celebrations

Studying plans going up in smoke? Trying to focus but there’s a bunch of people “getting lit”  outside of your abode? It’s not easy to get your accounting grind on when it seems like everyone else is enjoying themselves—amortization or a more fun vacation?

It’s times like this where you need to consider the value of what you’re doing and remain focused on the future and not fleeting fun. If you’re getting your master’s of accounting, but you’re entire quad is full of herbal air, how do you stay on topic? ?

Make Your Way Through the Fog

The median salary for a CPA is $62,300, according to PayScale. So, that’s 6,230 “dime bags,” 519 ounces, or *insert other marijuana-based calculation here*. Why is that important? Why did we just put those numbers in your head?

[bctt tweet=”Median CPA salary is $62,300. That’s 6,230 dime bags, 519 oz, or *insert marijuana-based calculation here*” username=””]

Well, while those losers (just kidding, they are probably future doctors or lawyers) are out there puffing through their Thursday afternoon, you are earning future money that could buy whatever you want! And, with a little forward thinking and keeping your head above the clouds, you won’t be sorry that you spent your time inhaling regulatory codes instead of weed. ?

Focus, Focus, What Were We Talking About?

There’s always going to be something “better to do” than studying for the CPA exam. You will always want to be blunt with your flashcards, pass the multiple choice questions, opt for a joint study session instead, or spark some creativity when practicing your BEC writing section. Puns aside, and that’s really the last of them (probably not though), distractions will always exist.

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You need to set a high bar for yourself and have some long-term motivation for getting that CPA certification. The grass is always going to be greener on the other side, but you need to focus on what’s on the next CPA review study slide! If you can just shut out the outside world for a short period of your life, you’ll be much happier in the long run.

Puff, Puff, Pass the CPA Exam

Sometimes it’s all about insulting (in your head) the people who are having fun—a sick burn can be your diss instead of your preface to that Taco Bell ? run. So, walk around the quad, keep off the grass (literal and figurative), and bring yourself to study on even the cloudiest of days.

After all, getting lit instead of boosting your career isn’t going to sound too great in 10 or so years. Van Wilder is a great movie to watch, but the real life version of that guy or girl isn’t who you want to be.

Or maybe it is—if you don’t want to go anywhere with your life, print this article, roll it up with the finest herb, and blow some 0 rings. After all, that’ll be your score if you ditch your healthy dose of CPA equations for some of the devil’s lettuce.



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