Best CPA Review Courses 2021

It can be tough finding the best CPA review course in 2021. There’s so many options; how do you know which course is going to work for you? Ideally, you would find the best CPA study materials on the first course you try. Unfortunately, the CPA exam is one of the hardest professional exams out there, so picking the wrong course could cost you months of studying and a lot of money.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and have personally tested the CPA prep courses below. Save your time, money and frustration by finding the best course for you using our helpful comparison chart below.

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CPA Prep Courses Becker CPA Review Surgent CPA Review Gleim CPA Review
UWorld Roger CPA Review
Fast Forward CPA Review Yaeger CPA Review
CPA Courses Becker Chart Logo Surgent CPA Review Gleim CPA Logo UWorld Roger CPA Review Course Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Course Yaeger CPA Review Course
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★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
PRICE $3,499 $2,799 $2,999 $1,999 $1,999 $1,499 $2,999 $1,899 $1,549 $1,239 $1,849 $1,649
BEST FEATURE Trusted by CPAs for 60+ years Best Adaptive Learning Technology Most Detailed Content Most Engaging Content Personalized Learning System Most Affordable
VIDEO LECTURE HOURS 800+ Video Lessons 350 Video Lessons 100 120 80+ 104
MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 9,200+ 8,250 10,000 6,000 5,000 5,000
TASK-BASED SIMULATIONS 580+ w/400 Coaching Videos 375 1,300 400 230 164
CUSTOMER FREE TRIAL OR DEMO Unlimited Content & Tech Support, Live 1-on-1 tutoring, Unlimited exam advising Unlimited content and technical support with responses guaranteed within 1 business day Personal Counselor Phone & Email Support 24/7 Study Hub Email Support & Community Forum Instructor Hotline Phone & Email Support
FINANCING OPTIONS Get Financing Get Financing Get Financing Get 0% APR Financing
24 Months
OFFLINE COURSE (FLASH DRIVE) Access Offline via Mobile App $199 Extra
Yes, mobile game too.

1. Becker CPA Review Course

Becker Review Course


AI Technology: Becker has utilized powerful technology by Sana Labs which enhances their Adapt2U adaptive learning technology. It reduces your study time and make you strong in all parts of the exam by focusing on your weak areas.
Industry Leading Instructors: All instructors are experts and provide a little humor to the lectures, making them less mundane and boring. You’ll never forget what these instructors teach because they use mnemonics to help you memorize!
Task-Based Simulation SkillMaster Videos: Becker is the only provider that includes instructor led SkillMaster videos to accompany the TBS portion of your studying.
Flexible Format: Becker offers all the various formats you could possibly want. Self-study, live-online classroom, live-in person classrooms. Whatever suits you best.

Bottom Line: If you want to study with a CPA review course that’s trusted by the top accounting firms in the world, has powerful technology to keep you on track, and offers convenient access to mobile and live classroom study, then you’re going to want to enroll in Becker CPA Review today!

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2. Surgent CPA Review Course

Surgent CPA Review Course


Experienced Instructors: Surgent CPA Review has been helping student pass the CPA exam for a long time. They have experienced instructors with more than 15 years of experience.  This gives them more insight and useful strategies to help students who are struggling.
Adaptive Learning Technology: While most CPA course providers tout adaptive learning these days, Surgent is the only course to offer real algorithmic learning. This means their system will identify your weaker areas automatically and help design a learning plan based entirely on the areas you need help.  This allows students pass much faster saving more than 50 hours of study time.
Unlimited Course Access: With Surgent CPA Review, you have access to course and materials until you pass. It’s important to note that many other course providers do not offer unlimited access and if you need extra time you’ll have to buy another course.
Big Value: In terms of getting a great deal it’s hard to beat the Surgent CPA Review. With some of the best technology and more streamlined access to content, you’d expect a price tag that’s a lot higher.
Free Flashcards: Surgent has a Free CPA Exam flashcard app that is available for on Google Play or the Itunes Store with a 5-star ratings. The app features 2,200 terms and definitions which are great for studying on the go and is free!

Why Surgent CPA Review? If you’re looking for the most advanced technology to help you pass faster, plus experienced instructors go with Surgent CPA Review!

 3. Gleim CPA Review Course

Gleim CPA Review Course


Comprehensive Material: The Gleim material covers every topic that could appear on the exam and goes into great detail. By studying every possible area, you can be certain that there will be no surprises when you take the actual exam.
Number of Questions: Gleim provides students with over 9,000+ multiple choice questions. Using Gleim as a supplement for FAR, I found that the questions were a lot more difficult than those on the actual exam. By mastering the difficult practice questions, I was more than prepared for the questions on my exam.
Affordable: At $1,599 Gleim is the best bang-for-your-buck course on the market. Thousands of practice questions and sims, a customizable study planner, audio lectures, and a personal counselor all make this course stand out. If you just want to use this program as a supplement, you can even purchase individual test prep for a single section of the exam for under $200.
Audio Review: An audio review is provided with the purchase of the Gleim Review System package. It can be downloaded to multiple devices to facilitate studying on the go. I used an audio review while I studied and it helped me tremendously. The information is relevant and set up logically in 20 audio lectures (per section) that last approximately 30 minutes each.
Access Until You Pass: Gleim Online will remain current for 18 months from your purchase date, but if you do not pass within that time frame by using Gleim materials, they offer extended “Access Until You Pass.” If you do not pass the CPA exam sections for which you have purchased Gleim Online, you will receive unlimited continued access to Gleim Online until you pass.

Why Gleim? If you’ve been out of school for a number of years and want access to a personal counselor throughout your studies, Gleim is the right fit for you.

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 4. UWorld Roger CPA Review Course

UWorld Roger CPA Review Course


Exciting Videos: One of the best selling points of this CPA exam review course is Roger himself. He’s a truly an exciting and engaging teacher. If he can’t make you pay attention, then no one can! His upbeat personality pulls you in and makes the CPA study materials easier to digest.
Best CPA Study Material: Roger not only teaches his CPA review courses but writes his companion books and MCQ’s himself. You know you’re getting quality CPA study material based on Roger’s experience and excitement.
The Roger Method: Roger uses a combination of memorization techniques, memory aids and mnemonics to help you retain the vast amount of information. These simple tricks make it much easier to remember come exam day.
24/7 Access: All the UWorld Roger CPA Review courses offer unmatched flexibility in how you study. They are available with 24/7 online access and full compatibility with their mobile app. You can even download content for offline access.

Why UWorld Roger CPA Review? If you’re tired of boring accounting lectures, and you want a high-tech course with excellent memorization techniques, pick UWorld Roger.

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5.  Fast Forward Academy CPA Review Course

FastForward Academy EA Logo

Won’t Break the Bank: Are you a student on a tight budget? Don’t worry, Fast Forward Academy can help you pass the CPA exam without putting you into debt. If you only need to brush up on a few key concepts, you only need to pay for the parts of their course you actually plan on using. Alternatively, you can opt for reasonable financing programs to pay your way over a longer time frame.
No Rush, No Pressure: Anxiety and the CPA exam go hand in hand; what can you do about it? Well, one thing that Fast Forward Academy does to help mitigate pre-exam stress is offer students as long as they need to prepare for it. Their guarantee allows for you to have full access to all purchased study materials until you no longer need them!
Cure for the Common Course: You’ll definitely like Fast Forward Academy’s CPA review course if you’re sick to death of traditional online classes and accounting prep courses. Instead of forcing you into a set lesson plan over a predetermined amount of time, the entire purpose of this study tool is to only focus on what you need and help you understand it as efficiently as possible.
High-Tech Educational Platform: Just because you don’t have to pay as much as some other CPA review courses, it doesn’t mean you’ll be getting an inferior product. Fast Forward Academy offers many of the same high-end online classroom features you would expect from the leading test prep companies. This includes hours and hours of video lectures integrated into a dashboard that also allows you to reference texts and keep track of your study schedule!

Bottom Line: The student who’s most likely to get the most out of Fast Forward Academy is one who only wants to focus on — and pay for — the specific concepts necessary to fully understand the CPA exam. It’s also a great option for students who need a bit more time than what other courses offer, or who want to try a stress-free learning experience.

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6.  Yaeger CPA Review Course

Yaeger CPA Review Course - Best CPA Review Courses

Excellent Customer Support: You may have some reservations about the lack of live lectures or fear that your questions won’t be answered. However, Yaeger provides access to their instructors through the live Instructor Hotline. This is an important feature that many other courses do not have. Even Phil Yaeger himself has been known to help out on the Instructor Hotline.
Customized CPA Course Format: Yaeger provides flexibility by catering to all learning types.  The new AdaptaPASS course uses students preferences on how they like to study whether you prefer video lectures or textbook format.
Teaching Approach: Yaeger’s instructors  focus on ensuring that you fully understand the concepts as opposed to rote memorization. They will walk you through each topic in their video lectures, while they reinforce your understanding of each concept by working through 100’s of MCQ’s nd simulations right alongside you.
Best Price CPA Review Course: The complete Yeager online course features hundreds of video lectures, interactive textbooks, test bank software, handouts, and access to the Instructor Hotline all at a very affordable price. The complete package with our discount is just above $1,000.

Why Yaeger CPA Review? Yaeger is a great fit for you if you’re on a tight budget and want a comprehensive course that gives you more than enough information to successfully pass the CPA Exam.

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