Best CMA Review Course and Study Material

Best CMA Review Courses

Picking the best CMA exam review course is probably the most important step you can take in your journey to become a Certified Management Accountant. There are many different top CMA review prep courses out there, so it’s not always easy to figure out what one will actually work for you. You need something that matches your learning style and actually helps you pass the CMA exam—not something that is difficult to work with.

Taking a second to look at each of the popular Certified Management Accountant prep guides to find the right one for you could save you hundreds of hours in studying and make the difference between passing your first time or retaking it several times.

That’s the main reason I wanted to develop this CMA guide. I know how frustrating it can be to study with something that isn’t a good fit. You can spend countless hours daydreaming and getting off topic when you should be focused on finishing the next section. That’s why I personally tested the best selling CMA prep courses on the market and wrote a detailed review of each including the pros, cons, and course details. This way you can use this comparison chart to see what course matches your learning style best.

CMA Exam Prep Course Comparison & Discounts

CMA Review Courses Becker Chart Logo Surgent CMA - Best CMA Review Courses CMA Academy - Best CMA Review Courses Gleim CMA - Best CMA Review Courses Wiley CMA - Best CMA Review Courses
Price $1,499 $1,199 $1,394 $1440 with Discount Code $1,800 $1,390
Practice Questions 3,000+ 3,945+ 2,500 2,900+ 5,500 3,500+
Full Length CMA Practice Tests Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Exam Rehearsal & Final Review Test Bank With Additional 3,800 Questions And 10 Essays Unlimited
Video Lessons Video Lectures 60+ Video Lectures Complete Video And Audio Lectures Complete Video And Audio Lectures 64 Hours Of Video Instruction Video Lectures
Course Access 2 Years Unlimited 2 Years Access Until You Pass Partner Until You Pass Guarantee 18 Months
Textbooks Digital Textbooks Printed and Digital Textbooks & Flashcards Full Printed And E-Textbooks Digital / Printed Books PDF Textbooks eBooks
Guided Lessons Personalized Study Plans Personalized Study Plans Week by week course outline Gleim Instruct Video Series Personalized Study Plans Adaptive Learning Technology
Support Success Coaches and Automatic Updates Automatic Content Updates & 1-on-1 coaching with a CMA expert Unlimited Coaching Online Accounting Expert Support and Assistance Online Support From Subject Matter Experts FAQ and Social Media
Money Back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes No Full Refund Within 10 Days Premium Only
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#1 Becker CMA Exam Review Course

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Guided Instruction: Becker is a great option if you’re worried about being left behind while studying. Not only will their CMA review course adapt to your specific study needs, but they also offer extra one-on-one tutoring sessions with Success Coaches. This way, you can get immediate answers to all your questions!

Progress Tracking: As you work through Becker CMA Review, your course dashboard will display different colored badges. Your goal is to change each grey or red badge into a green once; then you’re ready to move onto the next section. This is a fantastic and intuitive way to track your progress and know exactly when you’re ready to sit for the real exam.

Classes From Home: Online school is all the rage right now (for obvious reasons). You can take advantage of a full in-person classroom experience with Becker from the comfort of your own home. However, keep in mind that their Live-Online classes are exclusively for Pro subscribers— you won’t have access if you’re only signed up for their Advantage course.

Surgent CMA Review

#2 Surgent CMA Exam Review Course

Course Rating: ★★★★★

Custom Learning: Surgent CMA Review course analyzes your answers in order to reshape your study plan to fit your current knowledge set. Surgent understands that most people waste time studying information they already know instead of focusing on topics they don’t understand. Thus, they created a system that allows you to focus on learning information without going over the same topics over and over.

Adaptive Design: The most unique aspect about the Surgent CMA study materials is their take on adaptive learning. It’s important to remember that a true adaptive learning system must not only log your answer and analyze the results, it must also interpret what type of course you actually need in order to learn the information you don’t know. Surgent CMA prep system works extremely well.

New, Modern Layout: Surgent has redesigned their course dashboard and software and and did an excellent job. The new layout is clean, crisp, and modern. It’s also mobile friendly. This means you can use the mobile app on your iPhone, Android, or tablet!

CMA Academy - Best CMA Review Courses

#3 CMA Exam Academy Prep Course

Course Rating: ★★★★

CMA Exam Academy was designed and developed by Nathan Liao, CMA to give CMA candidates everything they need to pass the exam on their first try. He saw that many candidates needed additional help with topics and concepts that video lectures and textbooks can’t offer. That’s why he developed a personal coaching system to help candidates through each topic.

Personal Coaching: The biggest advantage to CMA Exam Academy is the personal coaching service. This isn’t some lame forum or email that you have to wait days on end to get a response from. This is an actual coaching session from the person who designed the course. Each week you get a 1-on-1 call with your CMA coach to talk about topics you struggle with, exam questions, and to make sure you are on track. This is a HUGE benefit to have someone you can talk with about your struggles. You also have access to a 24-hour hotline and unlimited access to your CMA coach.

Interactive Textbook: The CMA Exam Academy offers an interactive textbook that allows you to bookmark and make notes on pages you need to remember. It also lets you ask questions right in the textbook where your CMA Coach can answer or other candidates. The textbook also lets you take quizzes, watch video lectures, and search for topics in the study questions or textbook chapters without leaving the textbook! It’s super interactive and makes your study sessions way more productive.

Gleim CMA Review

#4 Gleim CMA Review Course

Course Rating: ★★★

The Gleim CMA review course is the newest version of Gleim Publishing’s top-rated CMA study materials. They started in the 1970s and has been producing some of the most popular and information CMA study guides ever since. Gleim is known for its large question banks and extra information included in each course.

Largest Test Bank: I think the most important part of any review course is the practice questions and test bank. Since the majority of the exam consists of multiple-choice questions, it’s important to not only practice questions it’s also important to learn how to read and answer multiple-choice questions. The only way to do this is to practice as many as you can. The largest test bank in the industry helps. : )

Personalized Counselors: A lot of candidates have a difficult time managing their study progress and staying on track before their exam date. Sometimes a simple calendar or study planner doesn’t do the job. Some candidates need someone there to hold them accountable. That’s exactly what the Gleim personal counselors are there for. They track your study progress and remind you when sections are due. This is a huge help! They are also available for questions about the exam and the testing process.

Wiley CMAexcel

#5 Wiley CMAexcel Review Course

Course Rating: ★★★

Wiley CMAexcel is the latest version of the certified management accountant review course by Wiley Efficient Learning. Wiley is known for producing study guides the help candidates with busy schedules learn faster and retain information by shortening lessons sizes. The smaller lessons help students focus and don’t take hours and hours to go through.

Bite Sized Learning: The key to the Wiley CMAexcel learning system begins with their “bite-sized” lessons. The short lesson modules are designed to take less than an hour to go through. Each module includes a 10-15 minute lecture, practice exam questions, flash cards, and notes. Since the lessons are shorter, you can go through more topics in a shorter period of time and get less distracted. These shorter lessons are extremely useful for people with busy schedules since it doesn’t require an hour or more to watch a lecture.

Unlimited Access: One of the most important things you need to look for in a review course is the amount of time you can use the study materials. Wiley CMAexcel never expires. That’s right. You can use your CMA Excel study materials until you pass the exam. There’s no ridiculous renewal fees or requirements to repurchase test banks and practice questions. You will get access and free updates until you pass!

#6 Powers Resources Center CMA Course

Course Rating: ★★★

Powers Resource Center offers self study materials at an affordable price. Although they offer limited ways to contact your instructor for help, the use of adaptive learning tech and the inclusion of several different study methods make for an appealing option to many CMA students.

Adaptive Learning Technology: Adaptive learning is a very important aspect of the Powers Resources course. Study content shifts to suit your needs as you work your way through the materials. This is done by tracking your progress through the course and seeing which areas you test well in. Reviewing this data allows Powers Resources to recommend you specialized video lectures and direct you to certain areas of your textbook. As a result, you’re constantly shoring up your weaker knowledge areas.

Budget Flexibility: Prices for this course depend on whether you want to pay for 1 or both parts of the exam. The starter standard package costs $295 for a solo part and $575 for the complete bundle. Alternatively, students who want extra help can choose the premium course instead. Doing so costs $700 for a single part and $1390 for the full CMA course.