Books for Africa

Learning isn’t a right that’s bestowed upon people all around the world—it’s a privilege that a shockingly small percentage of individuals get to enjoy. Even in a wealthy country like the U.S., tens of millions of people cannot afford to buy books at all.

Given that we are an education company, we figured that our charitable endeavor needed to be focused on helping to bridge the gap between the less privileged people of the world and those of us who can afford to use innovative resources like digital review courses.

Enter Books for Africa, an organization that’s focused on providing children in Africa with digital books, paperbacks, computers, and e-readers. In a one-year span, Books for Africa donated 2.4 million books, 154 computers, and 62 e-readers (containing 467,000 digital books), as well as seven new law and human rights libraries to 25 countries.

As the company eloquently says on its website: “At Books For Africa, we believe that education is the great equalizer in the world, and books are at the foundation of a strong educational system. For many children in Africa, the gift of books truly is a gift of hope.”

At Gryfin, we decided that such an amazing organization with a proven track record of donation-based charity could be a great partner for our company. After engaging with the extremely friendly and knowledgeable people who head up Books for Africa, we began to develop our partnership.

As our relationship continues to grow, we hope to become even more involved in this great organization’s growth. Our customers are the backbone of this wonderful relationship, as they help us contribute more and more to the advancement of learning around the world!