A Little About Us.

Here at Gryfin, we are bringing test prep and learning into THIS century.

Our products represent our employees and our collective vision of what education should look and feel like. After all, we believe that LEARNING SHOULDN’T SUCK—we’ve tried, tested, and enjoyed using our courses.

Part of who we are is based on the idea that technology should provide value and still deliver results.

As data-driven individuals, we created courses that consist of the latest tools and concepts, all based on trial and error and a thorough evaluation of our competitors’ products. So, what does this mean?

We want to advance the career of the average Joe and Jane, but do so in a manner that’s anything but average. At Gryfin, our goal is to give you the tools you need to transform your career without saddling you with debt and the misery of failure. Our products are fun to use, full of unique information and tips, and based on meticulous research.

Where We Work

Located in North County, San Diego, we’re situated right between the beach locations of the famous perfect-weather city. We don’t believe in confining our team members to cube farms, and having a great office space inspires confidence and pride in the workplace.

Join us on the journey to success and help us help you—our team wants to incorporate what YOU want into our products. We’ve started the process by creating our ideal learning solutions and we think you’ll like what we’ve created.